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What is HomeTown?
What is HomeTown?

In 2019, Alex Schuchmann and Jan Eric Huehn won the Grand Jury Prize of SF Shorts, for their film,
Omogeneo, a visual documentary that followed a family living outside of society on the remote Spanish island of Fuerteventura. In the Q&A after their film’s screening, the directorial-and-cinematography partners explained that they loved getting away from their mostly land-locked German home-base of Dortmund – a town-name which sounds perhaps the opposite of exotic.

Then came the Covid pandemic, which halted their travel adventures, but gave them the insight to look inward and to explore virtually the creative work of those they admire globally, sparking their new project, the
Hometown Journal.

The new magazine is
online, but more importantly, the duo who gathered a team about them, wanted Hometown Journal to be tactile, so they have printed limited editions of what they call the first episode of the first season on 7 different kinds of high-quality paper, that are now available for order or in specialty stores.

The magazine covers topics of creative inspiration and process, from photographers to musicians, illustrators to filmmakers.
Hometown portrays creatives, shows their backgrounds, and suggests ways for a common future as artists and citizens. It is a view on the global creative landscape, their hometown.

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